Hi there and welcome to Vaughn Marketing Group, the place for all your marketing needs.

What We Do You’ll Like Us

Vaughn Marketing Group specializes in Marketing and Business Development Services with an emphasis on retail environments, architecture firms, manufacturing, engineering and the construction industries. At Vaughn Marketing Group we know that relationships are the foundation of any business, and that managing relationships is more than a handshake and a weekly call. We are committed to building relationships with our clients, employees, and vendors that are built on trust, respect and appreciation – all of which are critical for any successful business.

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How We Do ItCreative Execution

Vaughn Marketing Group is determined to making clients campaigns successful by achieving results through effective planning and strategy. Our Campaigns are developed around multi channel marketing , in that we first identify the marketing channels that best target our clients needs and develop a campaign that targets how their customer move between each marketing channel, allowing us to deliver a strong message with creative execution.

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